How to Raise a Turtle

Mar 31, 2014 No Comments by

In the pet adoration meter among reptiles, turtles may be among the most, if not the most, adored of the lot. They have cute facial expressions, pretty shell patterns, and a gentle demeanour. Although each type of turtle has different needs, most people are likely capable of raising one. To prepare yourself as a turtle […]

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What Makes a Good Snake Owner

Mar 15, 2014 No Comments by

If you’re considering the idea of getting a snake for a pet, you might want to think about whether you’ll be a good one. Unlike cats and dogs, snakes have special needs. It takes more than just love for these reptiles for you to be considered a great snake owner. There are certain qualities that […]

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Top Games to Play with Your Rabbit

Feb 28, 2014 No Comments by

Just like how pet owners play with their dogs and cats, you can also play with your pet rabbits. They are intelligent creatures that treasure human interaction. They are also inherently curious, so they love exploring anything new. Although playtime with them may be different to that of a dog or a cat, just observe […]

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Most Interesting Facts About Ferrets

Feb 16, 2014 No Comments by

Are you interested in raising ferrets? They are fascinating domesticated species covered in black, white, brown, or mixed fur. Knowing the most interesting things about them would likely motivate you more to have a ferret at home now. Dead Sleeping Just like many other small creatures, ferrets usually sleep for 14 to 18 hours per […]

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Types of Spiders You Can Keep as Pets

Jan 31, 2014 No Comments by

Spiders can be fascinating pets. What’s more, keeping them would be inexpensive unlike other pets with high maintenance. If you want an unusual pet, then you may consider having spiders as pets. Here are some types of spiders that can be made into really good pets. Grass spiders You can find and capture grass spiders […]

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Fascinating Facts About Rats

Jan 16, 2014 No Comments

Pet rats are amazing creatures. Because rats are surprisingly gentle, more and more pet lovers are considering to own pet rats. If you want to know more about rats, here are some fascinating facts about them. You might be surprised on what you’ll be going to read. Good luck. The Ancient Romans consider rats as […]

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Most Popular Cat Breeds

Jul 31, 2013 No Comments

Cats are widely known for their cuddliness, playfulness and cuteness. Though cats seemed alike, they do have different breeds. What type of cat breed is the most popular of them all? Are you itching to find it out? If you’re a cat lover and you have that intense passion for hogging all the most popular […]

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Interesting Facts About Lovebirds

Jul 15, 2013 No Comments

Lovebirds are among the most favorite pet birds raised in several homes. This is no longer a surprise since lovebirds are pretty creatures. No wonder that they have the ability to charm and captivate pet bird lovers. If you are in the midst of thinking whether to get a lovebird or not, here are some […]

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The Different Kinds of Pets You Could Own

Jun 30, 2013 No Comments

Raising pets had always been an enjoyable thing to do. That not only does the statistics show that most pet owners do not die out from heart attack, but it teaches kids a sense of responsibility. Being responsible for the life of a cute, sensible animal is indeed a great way to achieve realistic goals […]

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How to Take Care of Your Iguana

Jun 14, 2013 No Comments

Pets are common at households and many people see it fit to have a pet around the house for the children to play with. Today, many pet owners want to dwell into taking care of exotic animals like waters snakes, tarantulas and iguanas. Iguanas are known to be expensive when bought but are easy pets […]

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